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Sign up today by completing the straightforward registration form and have direct access to your favourite lotto game. Play and enjoy the UK lotto online services on the go by downloading a lottery mobile application. Moreover, buy a ticket online in less than 60 seconds and stand a chance of winning a life-changing amount! Our guide will help you understand how to play lotto online games. Keep reading and learn how to play UK lotto online!

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Before you learn how to play lotto online, it’s important that you remember that lotto game differs from the other in terms of the number of balls chosen and the number of draws held on a weekly basis.

To play lotto on the internet, you have to choose a lottery game that interests you. Once you choose the game of your choice, you are expected to select numbers that you will play.

How to play lotto games online?

As you choose the lotto numbers bear in mind that every lotto game has a different format and rules which dictate how you’ll choose the numbers. If you are finding it hard to select the lotto numbers, you can always you a computer program to select the numbers. To do this, simply ask the lotto dealer to run your selections through the computer system.

Once you are done selecting the, purchase the ticket and wait for the draw to see if you are a winner.

What are the rules of the instant win games?

There are no rules involved when playing the instant game wins. Since instant win games are games of chance, all that’s required of you is to register, buy a ticket and start playing the games. You don’t require any special skill to play the instant win games.

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Can I win playing lotto?

Yes, you can win. Most people have a formed notion that lotto winners are just paid “actors” to trick people into thinking that lotto games are real. In fact, the games and huge prizes are real. Just recently, Amadou Gillen, a Gambian international living in the UK won a massive £4Million when he purchased a scratch card during his lunch break. He is just one of the many lucky players to win while playing lotto.

What odds do I have for winning lotto games?

Since there are different prize structures and play styles, your odds of winning while playing lotto online will vary from one game to another. To view your odds of winning and the maximum amount that you can win on each game, you should visit the game details page.

Are UK lotto online games the new internet “scum”?

Not at all. All online lotto games offered at some of the top online lottery websites are legitimate and approved by the United Kingdom government. As proof of the legitimacy of the online lotto games, visit the Mirror’s Lotto News section and see the number of people who’ve won mind-blowing sums of money over the past few years.

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Where are the lottery online offices located in?

Lottery online offices are spread throughout the United Kingdom. The offices have a fully functioning team in each and every country that it offers its services to. The teams are similar to the ones located in the head offices. Moreover, the lottery online websites have agents who are found in gas stations, food outlets and mobile shops where you can always purchase the tickets offline.

How long has the lottery been running?

Lottery online has been running since 19 November 1994. This was the first time that the national lottery was drawn. Ever since, the smallest jackpot that has been played was £720,152, which occurred on 13 August 2014 while the largest Jackpot was £42,008,610 which occurred on 6 January 1996.

Are the Lottery Online services legal?

Yes, the Lottery Online services are totally legal. The British government recognises the Lottery Online services offered by companies such as the National Lottery as a legal enterprise run by the Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. This organisation, Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, has a registered address at Tolpits Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 9RN.

How safe is the online lotto website

The online lotto websites goes above board to ensure that all your personal, as well as financial data, is safe and secure. It achieves this by using the latest Secure Socket Layer server certificates to oversee that any form of communication at the site is encrypted and safe from third parties. Personal information such as your name and ID in addition to as debit/credit card details are protected at the site thanks to the SSL server certificates.

What is a secure socket layer protection and how does it help me play lotto on the internet?

Secure Socket Layer, abbreviated as SSL, is the ISO security technology used for establishing an encrypted link between the lottery online website server and your browser. The encrypted link ensures that all the data that is passed between the National Lottery website server and your browser remains private and integral. To identify an SSL protected website, look for the padlock symbol on your browser. Read more about the SSL by clicking here.

What information/data does the lotto websites collect from its users?

Most of the Lotto websites collects the following information from its users:

  • The date of birth
  • The residential address in the Isle of Man or UK
  • The full names and gender
  • Security details such as the name of your spouse
  • Your email address

Do I have to live in the UK to play lotto via the internet

To play lotto games on the internet, you have to be a resident of the Isle of Man or the UK at any given time. Moreover, you have to be physically within the Isle of Man or the UK to purchase a lotto ticket or set up/amend a direct debit account.

Who is allowed to play lotto online games?

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You have to be a resident of the Isle of Man or the United Kingdom. You have to be at least 16 years old to play games and 18 years to play the real money games. Having a lottery online account that is verified is also a must condition. If you don’t satisfy any of the mentioned criteria, you will not be able to play any online lottery game.

Can I open an account on behalf of someone else?

No, you cannot. According to different online lotto websites, only the account holder can open an account.

The websites ensure this by asking you proof of identity when claiming the winnings as well as other “secret security questions.”

How do I register an account to play lotto?

As aforementioned, you have to be a United Kingdom resident to sign up for an online lottery account. Click on the signup button located on the online lottery’s home page and provide the necessary information.

What are the various verification documents that are needed at the lotto website?

The lotto website requires that you provide them with a government issued ID, a military ID, a driving license, or a passport as proof of identity. To proof your address or location, you are required to produce a utility bill that is dated not less than one month before the date of submission. Once you have all these documents, you’ll be required to scan and upload them to the online lottery website in JPEG format.

If you cannot use the Lottery’s upload facility, please take a photo and email it to Don’t forget to include your username.

Can I update my details later after registration?

There are details that you can update once you are done with the registration process. For example, you can add your mobile phone number right after you are done with the registration process. However, details such as your username cannot be changed once you have submitted your details for review. It’s, therefore, important that are content with your username before completing the registration process.

Can I view my lotto account history?

Yes, you can. By clicking the “View My History” button, you will be able to view your lotto account history. This includes the games that you have played at the site, in addition to your transaction history. If you wish to have a printed copy of your account history, click on the print option.

Can I have more than one account at the online lotto website?

No, every player playing lotto is only allowed to have one registered account at any given time. In fact, it’s against the website’s terms and conditions to have more than one account at the site. Any player found guilty of this offence will have his/her account suspended or terminated with all the cash remaining in the account.

What are the spending limits?

Spending limits, just as they sound are the limits that allow you to set the amount of money you wish to spend in a particular period, usually on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It’s part of the online lottery’s initiative to promote responsible gambling among its players.  At the online lottery website, the daily spending limits have been set at £75 per day for all the players at the site.

Can I play locked games?

Locked games refer to the games that you have highlighted not to play for a given period of time. You can only play the games after the set time has expired. Take note by contacting the customer care helpline will not help resolve this problem.

Is it possible to close my account for good?

To close your Lottery Online account, simply click on the “Manage My Account” button and select the “Close My Account” link to start the deactivation process. If you have any remaining cash in your wallet, you will have to withdraw it as well as finishing any pending game.

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How Can I make a deposit to my Lottery Online account?

To make a deposit to your Lottery Online account, you are required to have an account with the lottery website. Once you are logged into your account, click on the deposit option located at the top right corner of your screen and select your preferred method of making the deposit. If you have registered a credit or debit card as your preferred method of depositing, you can easily use the quick deposit facility that is readily available on all devices.

How long will the deposit take to reflect in my account?

Depending on the payment method you’ve used to fund your online lottery account, deposits are usually processed instantly. Credit/Debit cards are frequently used to make instant deposits.

What payment methods are accepted at the website?

You can fund your account when playing lotto using a debit or credit card issued by a regulated United Kingdom financial institution. The United Kingdom regulated financial institution is highly recommended for security purposes. Moreover, you’ll easily withdraw your winnings at good prizes.

Remember, to play the real money games, which will win you prizes, you will have to deposit some money into your account.

Can I play using an expired credit card?

You can continue playing at any online lottery website once you’ve made deposits to your account. However, you cannot upload any funds to your account until you have updated the expired credit card information.

Are there any extra charges for using my debit/credit card?

Most of the websites will not charge you for uploading funds to your wallet through your credit card. However, recently, the National Lottery noticed that some of the credit card companies treat the money uploaded as the cash advance and apply their rates. The National Lottery, therefore, advises all its players to consult with their respective financial providers before using the respective payment methods.

Can I withdraw through my credit card?

No, you cannot. To prevent any money laundering activities at their website, the online lottery websites will only send you a cheque addressed with your full names as you’ve registered at the website. Credit and debit cards are only used to make deposits at the site.

Can I request for a statement of all my transactions at the site?

No. The Lottery Online websites will only send you cheques after you win. You can, however, view your transaction history by clicking on the “View My History” link located on top of the screen. This page has a print option which will enable you to print your 90-day online transaction history for later use.

Are mobile phone services available when playing lotto?

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Most of the online lottery sites offer mobile apps to play on. If the lottery hasn’t got an app, you will most likely be able to enter the lotteries website and play from your mobile device as well so you won’t miss out on a good win.

How do I purchase tickets using Pingit?

You can purchase tickets using this mobile-friendly application in two ways.

  • By purchasing a Lucky Dip ticket
  • Selecting a combination of Lucky Dips and your numbers or choosing your numbers after which you fill in your Lotto HotPicks, Thunderball, EuroMillions or Lotto Online play slip in the normal way. Once you are done, you can select the “Pay with Pingit” option located on the sign-up page.

What devices are compatible with the mobile application?

Most lottery online websites support all iOS devices powered by versions 8.4.1 and 9.3.2. These devices include iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+. Currently, there is no application that has been developed for iPad use.

If you are on the Android platform, you will be required to have a Samsung S5, S6, S6 Edge and HTC One M8 to download and use the application.

How is the ticket scanner is used?

To use your ticket scanner, follow the procedure below:

  • Tap on the “Scan Your Ticket” link located at the bottom of the homepage of your mobile application.
  • Since it’s the first time you are using this feature, the application will ask for permission to access your camera, accept and proceed.
  • Steadily, hold your Lottery Online ticket in front of the phone’s camera in a manner that the barcode of the ticket is visible through the phone’s camera for scanning.
  • The application will automatically scan the lottery ticket and display the results.

Can I check the lottery online numbers using my Samsung mobile

Follow the steps below to check the Lottery numbers using your Samsung mobile:

  • Tap the draw you are interested with on the online lottery homepage – Daily Million, EuroMillions or Lotto Online draws.
  • Tap on check numbers to display the results for the draw.
  • At the bottom of your phone’s screen, tap on “Check my Numbers” option.
  • Tap “Add Line” to add a new line and then swipe left to delete or edit an existing line.
  • Tap on “Continue” to check if you are a lucky winner in the plus draw and main draw.
  • The Android application will automatically check and compare the numbers against the results of the past 90 days.

How will I know if I win lottery online?

For draw games

Once you’ve finished playing the draw game of your choice, your ticket will be entered into a draw(s) that you had selected for the ticket. On the night of the draw(s), if your ticket happens to be a winner, the Lottery website will send you an email informing you to check your Lottery account. Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll receive a notification informing you of your winnings.

For instant games

Once you are through with playing the instant game, you will receive a message indicating if you are a winner and how much you’ve won.

How do I claim my winnings?

loto jackpot

If you win any amount ranging between $1 and $99, the Lottery website will transfer the funds to your account automatically. You can withdraw the funds whenever you wish by logging into your account and clicking on “My Account” followed by “Withdraw” and specifying the amount. Once you confirm the withdrawal, the online lottery website shall issue you a cheque.

For lottery prizes ranging between $100 and $500, the Lottery website will automatically post a cheque your registered address. `

For lottery prizes ranging between $501 and $9,999, the Lottery’s PLI will contact you to confirm your identity and age details after which he will send a claim form. You’ll be required to complete the claim form before the Lottery issues you with a cheque.

For any winnings above $10,000, you are required to go all the way to the Lottery’s headquarters where your identity and age will be verified before you are issued with the cheque.

Why Can’t I log in to my account?

There could be a number of reasons as to why you cannot log into your account.

  1. You are having an unstable or very slow internet connection. To dismiss this option, try logging on to another website to confirm that your internet connection is strong.
  2. You are using an incorrect user ID. If you believe you have entered the correct user ID or have forgotten it altogether, you can click on the “Password Reset” link to reset the password or username. Alternatively, you can contact customer support for further assistance.
  3. You are typing in the wrong password. Remember, passwords are case sensitive and entering one wrong text will result in the system rejecting the whole password. Also, you should ensure that your password does not have space at the end.

What browsers and devices can I use to play lotto via internet?

The online lotto website has been developed by highly professional IT gurus to accommodate a wide range of systems while serving up a detailed and dynamic experience. Below are some of the system requirements recommended at the website.

Mobile Devices

  • Android version 4.4 or later versions
  • iOs 8.0 or later versions


  • Firefox version 44 or later
  • Chrome version 45 or later
  • Safari 8 (for Mac OS exclusively)

What are the minimum system requirements and compatibility?

The following list of Operating Systems, Adobe Flash Player and Browsers will be supported at most of the lottery online websites:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 and above
  • Adobe flash player
  • Internet Explorer, Safari Browser, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

To have the best experience playing the online lottery games, ensure that your PC has at least 512MB of Ram, at least 950MB of free space on the HD, a 256MB video card which supports 32-bit colour and a 1.6GHz CPU.

Why can’t I access the Lottery website?

As mentioned earlier on, you have to be a resident of Isle of Man or the UK at all times. Various lottery websites have a location software, which identifies Internet Protocol addresses that are used by the UK-based ISPs. If your ISP shows that you are not within the lottery’s jurisdiction, you will automatically be blocked from accessing the website.

Alternatively, you can opt to use a Virtual Private Network software which will “mask” your IP address. However, some VPN software may slow down the internet speeds, or cause the online lotteries websites to block you from accessing their websites.

Do the various lottery websites send SMS the lotto results?

Lottery online websites do not offer any SMS EuroMillions or Lotto results services to its players. If you are receiving any Euromillions or Lotto results on your phone, you are advised to contact the company providing you with the SMS service and request them to stop sending the SMS. Alternatively, you can send a STOP SMS text to the sender.

Can I contact the Lottery Online websites directly

Yes, you can. For example, to contact the National Lottery, you can send them an email at or call the offices directly at 0844 338 5461 for urgent help. If you have any concern or complaint, please send the National Lottery an email at or call 0370 737 3983. You will most likely find all the information you need on the following lottery’s website.

What is a syndicate

A syndicate, also known as group play, allows you to split the cost of purchasing a lottery ticket among friends or family members. If any of the syndicate members wins the ticket, the winnings shall be split equally amongst all of the group members.

Can I choose my numbers when I’m registered to a syndicate

Currently, most lottery sites allow syndicate play to take place on a quick pick basis only. However, plans are underway to implement number choosing for social syndicates – a syndicate which allows you to create your syndicate and invite your friends or family members through Facebook, Hyperlink or email.

Who collects the money and pays the winnings in a syndicate

The Lottery websites are responsible for collecting all the syndicate members contribution and distribution of the winnings directly to the members’ accounts. This is aimed at eliminating any dispute which may arise from the winnings.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Any winnings on the Lottery Online websites are not subjected to any form of UK Capital Gains Tax and will not be assessed in any way by the UK Income Tax. Moreover, if you win the Lotto Jackpot through a syndicate who signed an agreement before the win, then no syndicate member is liable to pay the UK inherent tax.

Where does the lottery money raised go to?

The lottery websites are committed to maximising any returns to various Lottery projects by selling its tickets in a socially responsible way. As part of some of the online lottery’s traditions, almost 28% of the Lottery money is delivered to Lottery projects such as supporting education, the health sector, as well as heritage and sport.

Read more about Lotto systems here and get a full grasp of lotto game.