Lotto System

In the following article, we present you a guide about the lotto system, lotto strategy & best tips you can use to make the lotto game more enjoyable.

Lotto System

What can I do to win the lotto jackpot? Is there a lotto system or lotto strategy that can help me improve my odds of winning the lottery? How come I have never won despite the numerous attempts that I’ve made to play lotto online?” These are probably some of the questions you frequently ask yourself every time you hear the lotto results being announced. No matter the number of times you’ve played Thunderball or EuroMillions, you always come up dry. Somebody else wins the jackpot. Heck, sometimes, there are even multiple winners. But not you! Looking back at your history of playing lotto, you have never even won a scratch-off ticket. All that you are left with is a crushing moment of hostility, which gradually vanishes and for the 100th time, you hope again – hope that you will win the next time when you use the right lotto strategy to win. But, will you?

The odds of winning the lotto jackpot are against you. Some people say it’s a complete waste of money, but the lottery fiends say playing the game is like an investment that will ultimately pay itself off. All that you have to do is be patient and wait for your lucky day… and everyone is impatiently waiting for the lucky moment. William Hill is now offering various options of lotto, where you will be able to try your luck.

Take a close look at some of the strategies illustrated below to help overcome the lotto odds and come out victorious.

How are the lotto results determined?

The lottery officials determine the results of the lottery using special drawing machines. This machine(s) will randomly shoot out the six selected balls, with each of the ball displaying the winning number for the lottery drawing. If all of the six numbers displayed by the balls match the six numbers that you have chosen, you become the lucky winner of the lotto jackpot. In Lotto, the winning numbers don’t necessarily have to be listed in a particular arrangement – provided they match the numbers drawn, you win a prize. If there is more than one person who happens to have the six matching numbers, the prize is usually split equally amongst the winners. If there is no winner, the jackpot rolls over and increases in value. Not surprisingly, whenever this happens, the number of players participating in the jackpot increases, for the obvious reason.


Now that you’ve known how lotto is played, you are probably curious on how much money you are bound to win, should you get the lucky numbers. Well, the amount of money that you can win depends on a number of factors. Lotto is usually categorized as a pari-mutuel game, which means that the overall prize is dependent on the sales of each drawing as well as the number of lucky winners. When there is no winner, the total prize will be rolled over, with an increase in amount as compared to the outgoing Lotto game. Shortly after every drawing, the lottery officials will announce the estimated prize amount that players should be expecting in the next drawing. Take note, if you fail to match all the six numbers, and match 3 – 5  numbers, you still stand a chance of winning a prize. While the total payoff of matching only three numbers out of the possible six is small, the odds of achieving this are better.

Types of Lottery Games

With the increasing popularity of the lottery games, there has also been an increase in the number of new games. However, the primary lottery games include Lotto, Instant Games, and the Dailies. The instant lottery games are usually scratch-off tickets, while the remaining lottery games are online games since they consist mainly of computer-generated tickets. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most played games, starting with Lotto, which is by far the most played lottery game. In lotto games, you are required to draw six games from a group of numbers, for example, 41, 43, 45, 52, 57 and 60. Liverpool for example, has a 6 out of 45(6/45), meaning the six number will be drawn from possibly 45 numbers. London lotto is 6/52, implying that six numbers will be drawn from a total of 52 numbers.

lotto numbers

To play Lotto, you will have to indicate the six numbers that you choose by marking numbered squares, which are on the play slip. Once you are through, you will be required to take the marked play slip to the lottery agent or retailer who sold it to you. The retailer will then enter your selected numbers in the online terminal, which will produce the game ticket that you will use, as your official receipt should you happen to win. Always countercheck to ensure that your ticket has the correct date as well as lotto numbers before leaving the retailers shop. The agents can be found in grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores. It will cost you $1 to play the lotto game. Normally, the lotto drawings happen twice every week, though it may vary from one country to another.

The Dailies

If you want to try some of the lotto systems mentioned below every day, or you are simply looking for better odds of winning lthe otto, then we highly recommend Pick 3/Pick 4. These are lotto games that are played on a daily basis mostly twice a day, for six days in a week, and once on a Sunday. For Pick 3, sometimes referred to as Cash 3, you are expected to choose any three lotto numbers from 000 to 999. For Pick 4, also referred to as Cash 4, you are expected to choose four lotto numbers from 0000 to 9999. These games have a special play slip, which ooffersyou several types of plays. The common plays that you will come across include the exact order, any order, exact/any order and the combination.

By marking any order, you are a winner if three of your marked lotto numbers feature in the drawn – irrespective of the order in which they have been drawn. However, if you chose any of the lotto numbers and they are featured exactly as you chose them in the draw, then you are a winner for choosing the exact order. You will also win a small amount should the numbers be drawn in any order. A combination order shall give you a chance of winning both for any order and exact order. Should you miss any of the two, you will not win anything.

For example, for a Pick 3 game, you’ve chosen lotto numbers 5-0-4 and the drawing results are 4-0-5. If your choice was exact order, you win nothing. If your choice was exact/any or any order, you will claim the smaller payoff. If you chose the combination, you will win the same amount as if you had bought a straight ticket.

Unlike Lotto games, the payout associated with most of the daily games is not decided by the pool of players. Pick 3 and 4 normally have a fixed prize directly linked with the odds. As a matter of fact, Pick 3 and Pick 4 games are usually linked with different sets of permutations as compared to the lotto games. The payout you get when you win the Dailies is much lower when compared to playing Lotto. This also applies for the odds. Your odds of choosing any three numbers in the exact order in a single play are 1000/1; while the odds of picking any four digits in the exact order in a single play are 10,000/1.


Instant Games

Also referred to as the “Scratch-Off” games, the instant games do not involve choosing numbers and players can purchase them whenever they please. These games are popular amongst players mainly because of the following reasons. First, players don’t have to choose any numbers or fill out any play slip. Secondly, the games are full of colour and fun to play. Lastly, there is no waiting – a player just “scratches-off” the spots.

Many instant games are usually introduced after a few weeks to the players. Those that are frequently played are kept in the market while the rest are discontinued only to be reintroduced after a few months or years later. Still, there are others that are holiday oriented or seasonal.

With very few exceptions, the prizes on the scratch-off games’ tickets are low when compared to the Lotto Jackpots. In addition to the overall prize in each of the instant game, players have a chance of winning small amounts of money ranging from $1 up to $50.


Is there a scratch-off system?

Practically speaking, there is no system(s) that can be used to beat the instant games since instant games don’t have any numbers to pick. Additionally, the top prizes are usually determined beforehand. Nevertheless, you can scratch the surface of the lottery player and you will find a system. Some players keep track of the records and prizes that have been played and paid in the past, and will only buy the games that have several of the large prizes remaining. Most of the lotteries will have lists which are available and which include the prize amounts for every game, how many are remaining and how many of each are still available.

Quick Picks

For players who don’t want to undergo the anxiety or thrill of choosing numbers, quick picks, also known as computer generated numbers, is the easy option. In the quick pick games, you simply head to an agent’s shop and request him/her for a quick pick. The agent will then run the quick pick machine, which will issue a ticket with lotto numbers that have been randomly generated.

With the availability of the quick picks, why do most of the players still decide to choose their lotto numbers? Well, according to a survey, most of the players said they believe their lotto system gives them the confidence that they will win. And who knows? Perhaps they are right. Besides, choosing the lottery numbers is part of the excitement of the lottery games. Read on to know more about Lotto Systems and strategies.


Lotto Strategy To Win

The lotto system(s) and lotto strategy that you will read in this guide are based on logic or mathematics. They are what we like to refer to as “Reality Based” lotto systems. By learning techniques such as pooling, wheeling or tracking, you may be able to boost your odds.

As advocates of these systems and strategies, we are well aware of the odds that are in play. For example, we know that in London’s lotto (6/52) there are 21,947,490 possible combinations for the 52 lotto numbers. This is another way of saying if you buy one ticket, your odds of winning are 21,947,490. But, these odds are much better when you play the Dailies. Subsequently, we usually avoid the lotto games that have larger prizes as they usually have larger odds.

And whenever players like me decide to play the “larger prize” games, they will do everything in their power to improve their odds of winning. And just what are some of the things they do? Most of these players have a lottery strategy that they have specialized in and those who have repeatedly won, they will agree that the following lottery systems – pooling, tracking and wheeling – are a must for any serious lotto player.


Pooling your resources – or signing up in a lottery syndicate – is one of the lotto strategies where you get more action without having to spend so much. In pooling, you will join a team of other lotto players, where you make a contribution to buy lotto tickets in bulk and consequently increase your odds of winning. The disadvantages of pooling is that you may have to split the prize with the other players should you get the winning lottery or have other players disappear with the money if there is no written agreement to guide the lotto.

Therefore, before you join any syndicate of lotto pool, you should read the points below:

  •   Ask for the syndicated rules – in writing – before joining
  •   A private syndicate should have 15 members or less
  •   A large, public operated syndicate should not have more than 100 members
  •  Join a syndicate with people you know and you can trust. This can be close friends,

relatives or family members

  • If you have to join a commercially run syndicate, ensure that it is operated by reputable and trustworthy professionals

You have to ensure that the syndicate members have made certain aspects clear right from the word go. For example, they have to clarify who will keep the tickets and what procedure will be followed in case of a win.


Tracking is a very popular lotto system among the lotto players. Also known as the frequency analysis lotto system, it usually involves tracking of individual lotto numbers, which have been drawn over a given time. You can compare tracking to betting on a racehorse; rate how he has been performing in the past to determine his odds of winning an impending race.

In tracking, lotto numbers, which tend to appear frequently, are referred to as the “Hot Numbers”. Some lotto players usually play the hot numbers arguing that since the hot numbers have a tendency of appearing, they should be drawn soon in the future. Sounds easy right? Well, in my experience as a lotto player, it’s not! To some lotto players, they usually believe that since the “hot numbers” have been picked so many times, the “Cold Numbers” – those that have not been drawn yet – are due and consequently pick them. Most of the professional players will mix the hot and cold numbers when playing lotto games. I even know of friends who combine cold, hot and personal lotto numbers like their special dates such as birthdays or anniversaries when choosing their numbers. And in spite of the appearance of the known patterns in the lotto game, most of the lottery organisers go through much hustle to ensure that the winning numbers are completely random, making the patterns coincidences.

Experts, as well as professional players, have different opinions on the tracking method. This means there is no specific formula that can be used to track the numbers. Once you grasp the concept of tracking, you can easily come up with your tracking formula. I think that you will be pleased to know that the first winner to ever win a huge jackpot in Texas, USA, was Janie Kallus. What makes this fact interesting is the fact that she used the tracking method to come up with the lotto numbers.

Janie had to come up with a unique tracking method to get the winning lotto numbers. Since there were very few numbers to track in the history of the Texas Lotto, Janie tracked numbers that had been played in the other USA states, which were not readily available but she still managed to find the numbers. Using these numbers, she managed to come up with the lotto numbers, which won her a $21 million Jackpot.


You might have found yourself in a frustrating situation, just as I have in the numerous attempts I’ve made to play the lottery games. You carry out a thorough analysis of the lotto numbers and feeling confident enough, head to the ticket vendor and purchase several tickets. Soon enough, you discover that all the six winning numbers that you’ve picked aren’t on the same day! Frustrating, right? Professional lotto players and winners who have used the wheeling lotto strategy suggest that the wheeling lotto strategy can help you point out all your favourite lotto numbers and greatly boost your winning odds of the lotto jackpot.

Unlike the aforementioned lotto strategy, wheeling is not a lotto strategy that you will use to select numbers. Instead, you will use it for all the lottery numbers that you have. It consists of coming up with a master list of the numbers that you highly suspect might be drawn, then playing the selection using a coded system. In wheeling lotto strategy, there are wheels that can give guaranteed winning numbers but only if the winning numbers feature in your master list.

As you might be suspecting, wheeling usually involves spending a lot of money. It’s, therefore, advisable that before you can start using it, you have a well-outlined and planned budget. Remember, having a well-outlined budget doesn’t mean a thing if you cannot adhere to it. Thereafter, you should determine the lotto numbers that you will include in the master list.

You can easily get a wheel from “wheel specialists” who will sell them using different designs, including triangles, circles, graphs and grids, with each of the wheel having different coding, such as letters. There are blank spaces provided on the wheel which you will enter coded arrangements for several plays. To do this, you will simply fill in the blank spaces using the numbers that you have in the master list. Full wheels will cover all the possible combinations in the master list, whilst the short wheels will cover a few of the combinations.

You can customize your lotto wheel. If you favour some of the numbers in the master list over others, arrange the wheel so that these numbers are frequently played. If you feel lucky and think that all the numbers in the master-list will feature in the draw, it’s advisable that you choose a wheel that will include all these numbers equally.

Ten-Number Wheel System

The Master List: QWERTYUIOP
Play No.1 Q W E R T Y
Play No.2 Q W Y U I O
Play No.3 Q E T I O P
Play No.4 W E T Y U I
Play No.5 W R Y I O P
Play No.6 E R Y U O P
Play No.7 Q R T U I P

Eight-Number Wheel Lotto System

The Master List: QWERTYUI
Play No.1 Q W E T U I
Play No.2 Q W R Y U I
Play No.3 W E R T Y U
Play No.4 Q E R T Y I

For the ten-number wheel system, we can assume that you are playing the 6/49 lotto game and your lucky numbers are 3,2,7,17,19,25,33,36,40 and 44. The wheel has seven columns which represent a single play. Below each letter, place a number from your list that will correspond to a play. Using our numbers, you should expect your table to look like this.

Master List Q W E R T Y U I O P
3 2 7 17 19 25 33 36 40 44
Play No.1 Q W E R T Y
3 2 7 17 19 25
Play No.2 Q W Y U I O
3 2 25 33 36 40
Play No.3 Q E T I O P
3 7 19 36 40 44
Play No.4 W E T Y U I
2 7 19 25 33 36
Play No.5 W R Y I O P
2 17 25 36 40 44
Play No.6 E R Y U O P
7 17 25 33 40 44
Play No.7 Q R T U I P
3 17 19 33 36 44

Assuming that  2, 17, 19, 25, 40 and 44 are the numbers that have been drawn on the lottery night and your initial investment was $7 ($1 for every play), this is the amount you could have won:

Play No.1; 4/6 Play No.2; 3/6 Play No.3; 3/6
Play No.4; 3/6 Play No.5; 5/6 Play No.6 4/6
Play No.7; 3/6

For the eight-number wheel system, we can assume that you are playing the 6/49 lotto game and numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are your lucky numbers.

Substitute the numbers in the table just as you did in the ten-number wheel system to have your table look like this:

Master List Q W E R T Y U I
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Play No.1 Q W E T U I
1 2 3 4 5 6
Play No.2 Q W R Y U I
1 2 4 6 7 8
Play No.3 W E R T Y U
2 3 4 5 6 7
Play No.4 Q E R T Y I
1 3 4 5 6 8

Assuming the numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 are the lucky numbers drawn on the lottery night and your investment was $4 ($1 for every play).  From the table above, you winnings could be as follows:

Play No.1; 4/6 Play No.3; 5/6
Play No.2; 4/6 Play No.4; 5/6

Alternative Lotto System

Avid lotto players have another lotto system (s) that they use to boost their odds when playing lotto games.

Below are some of the alternative lotto systems.

  • Pair/Double analysis – This involves analysing the frequency in which certain numbers will appear together
  • Even/Odd analysis – Involves analysing the frequency of the even or odd numbers
  • Sector analysis – Involves tracking how frequently numbers found in the low sector hit, how frequently the lotto numbers in the higher range hit, and how frequently the numbers in the midrange sectors hit. For example, if you are playing a 6/49 lotto game and you believe the lotto numbers will fall in the midrange; you might want to choose 18, 20, 21, 23, or 26.

Other lotto strategies that players have used to come up with the lotto numbers and win huge sums of money include the algorithms and bell curves. There is even a theory that has been formulated by players that is known as the “Paint Factor” in which players believe that a lotto ball with the most paint covering has a higher probability of being popped out from the rest of the other balls due to the slippery nature of the ball. How do you tell which ball has more paint? Well, double-digit numbers have more paint than the single digit numbers.

Special Software

Special software is neither a lotto system nor a lotto strategy to win. Instead, it’s just a special software that has helped many lucky lotto winners in the past to win huge sums of money. While this software may be expensive to acquire, they usually have a 90% chance of generating correct lotto numbers that will feature in draws. You, however, have to ensure that you have purchased the software from an authorized dealer or company; those who have a track record of providing genuine and functional software. This way, you will avoid websites or companies that will rip you off your hard earned money.

William Hill is a well-reputed lottery site, that has a lot of different offers when it comes to the lottery and good software.

Now that you have read about the different types of lotto games and strategies, we are going to finish this article by looking at some of the basic lotto tips. We will even give you tips in the event that you emerge a winner.

Insider Lottery Strategy(s)

Congratulations for reading this far. By now, you are well aware of different lotto games, how you can play them and the several lotto systems and strategies that you can use to pick the lucky lotto numbers. Now, is the time that you fine-tuned your lotto gaming skills by using the insider tips and techniques below. Know what you should be doing right and what you should avoid. Also, learn the importance of setting up a budget and finally, know what to do should you win the envious lotto jackpot!

Prudent Precautions

If possible, ensure that you always buy your lottery tickets. Don’t ask a neighbour or a friend to head to the lottery store to pick your tickets. Likewise, avoid picking tickets for other people. Don’t borrow loans or money for the tickets, and avoid going halfsies, either. Reason? Isn’t this a trivial matter – just as you would pick up a packet of milk for your neighbour on your way back home? Not quite. In case you win a small amount of money, or the ticket does not win any amount, then there is no problem at all. However, should your tickets win a life-changing amount of money, don’t you think you can find yourself in a sticky situation? At the very least, it this situation could create an embarrassing moment. The insignificant favour that you asked from your friend or neighbour now embroils millions of pounds.

For example, maybe you told your neighbour you were willing to pay him a pound after he’s brought you the ticket. Fine, you think. What will a pound cost me for the prize that I win? You luckily become a winner of a mega lotto jackpot. To be honest, the lady may feel she’s entitled to a share of your windfall, right? After all, she purchased the ticket using her money. OK, technically, it wasn’t really her money because you loaned her. Still, she was the one who purchased the ticket, and she may feel she’s entitled to the windfall. Do you know that the law allows her to sue you for breaching a verbal agreement made between two adults? What if you are the one who bought the tickets, what would you feel?

Are you seeing the most likely repercussions? Why not avoid the lawsuits, broken relationships that you have had for a long time or hurt feelings of people you deeply care about by simply going to the store and buying the tickets personally?

Play Smart


As a lotto player, you probably might have come across an advice, which urges you to avoid the popular lotto numbers. In fact, most of the lotto blogs and books will advise you against playing these numbers.  Why? There are combinations or groups of numbers that will be played by hundreds, thousands or millions of people across the country on any lotto game. So why should this be your concern? Because if you happen to have played any of the popular numbers, and they happen to be drawn as the lucky numbers, then hundreds if not thousands of players will share with you the prize. For example, in a $10 million jackpot, you might just end up ending with a total amount that is less than a Pick 3 payoff.

Which are some of these popular combinations? Popular combinations or numbers are sequences like 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. They can also be sequences of multiples of certain numbers such as 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64. And because most people deem number 7 as a lucky number, they will often play its multiples. My main point is when it comes to playing lotto numbers, people usually have a tendency of thinking alike. It’s, therefore, advisable that you avoid some of the most common patterns of play as elaborated in the Telegraph’s article on How To Pick Tonight’s Winning Lottery Numbers.

Don’t just develop a habit of playing the low lotto numbers on one ticket. Remember that the digits ranging from 1 to 9 are usually played regularly by thousands if not millions of players. Keep these numbers to a minimum.

Have a budget ready

It seems that there are as many budget strategies for playing lotto games just as there are lotto strategies. Some strongly believe “When you are hot, you are hot.” Others believe when you are on a roll, you shouldn’t stop playing. You will tend to agree to the theories that at some point in every man’s life, we tend to get lucky. However, people approach the mentioned theories in a wrong way.

For instance, you may decide to purchase a $5 worth of instant game tickets and win $10 and $20. No bad, you say to yourself. Consequently, you spent $10 on the pick 3 game, buying $10 worth and end up winning $30. You then decide to play the $30 you got from the scratch-off on the Powerball and lost everything on the game. Looking at all the money you spent and the amount you won, you will agree with me that you didn’t gain in the end.

The point is, you should always have a budget ready before you start playing any lotto games. If you are meant to spend $100 on a monthly basis, split over $5 per day, please stick to it. Had you stuck to your budget, you could have made a fortune from the initial $5 that you spent.

What if you win?


To become a lucky winner, you have to find yourself a winning ticket. Ensure that you’ve double checked the dates indicated on your ticket and the numbers on the tickets with the lotto numbers that are drawn for that day. In case you missed the drawing live on television, ensure that you have counter checked with more than one source. There are cases where the lottery hotline gives the wrong winning number only to correct the mistake a few minutes later. It’s therefore worth mentioning that you should keep all your tickets in place just in case such a scenario pops up.

Anyways, back to the important information. Now that you have won, what exactly should be your next move? Here are some important tips that will guide you through the process of claiming your money and spending it wisely.

  • First, whether the winnings are a little or a lot – even before you have seen the results – ensure that you have signed the ticket. Any unsigned ticket can be claimed by anyone. By signing the ticket, you will be protecting it from any other third party who would want to claim it.
  • Secondly, don’t let time run out. In the UK, there is a deadline for all the lotto games are 180 days from the date that the numbers were drawn. Check the expiry date at the back of your instant ticket or at the back of the play slip. If you are playing online, ensure that you have confirmed your purchase. You don’t want to end up like this couple who lost their chance of winning $35million due to an assumption they made.
  • Should you win a massive jackpot at for instance William Hill, just as I have mentioned earlier, ensure that you’ve signed it before keeping it in a safe place. Verify that you’ve actually won before consulting a certified and renowned attorney for further advice.
  • Lastly, maintain a low profile. In fact, if it’s possible, let no one know that you actually won the money. Aside from your family members and your lawyer, tell no one until your ticket has been validated and you’ve been paid. Moreover, have a well-planned budget, you wouldn’t want to end up like Jack Whittaker who won an astonishing $315 million Powerball lottery jackpot in the US. In the article, Jack Whittaker is quoted saying “My granddaughter is dead because of the money.”  Had he planned on how to use the money properly and in advance, he could probably have not lost all that is written in the article.

There are lots of great reasons as to why you should start playing lotto games, and hopefully, a few of the strategies I’ve shared with you today have helped you see how easily you can boost your odds of winning the lottery games. Ready to start trying the lotto system? Check out the lotto games at William Hill Casino and try your preferred lotto strategy to win. Play instant lotto games by claiming the 100% match bonus up to a maximum of £200 when you make your initial deposit that William Hill has to offer. You also get a 100% extra bonus up to £50 when you play lotto games on the go using the bookmaker’s mobile application. Here is also some useful information about the lottery game.